a) about us: overview:

  • Name of the HEI : D. D. Shinde Sarkar College, Kolhapur.

  • Address of the HEI : c/o: Vidhyapeeth Highschool, Near Ambabai Temple, Kolhapur, Maharashtra. 416012.

  • Telephone no : 02312542185

  • Email id : ddsscollege@yahoo.co.in

  • AboutHEI.aspx
  • Website link : www.ddsscollegekop.com

b) Act and statutes or MOA [Click here..]

c) Institutional development plan (next five year) :

D.D. Shinde Sarkar College is an affiliated college of shivaji university kolhapur and follows its guidelines and norms in both letter and spirit. multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary are integral to holistic education and have been integrated into the syllabus prescribed by shivaji university, kolhapur. this enhances student’s understanding of other disciplines and enriches their learning. in order to give students a wider exposure, college-level invited lectures and conferences, seminars, and special talks organized by departments give students a deeper understanding of other disciplines. the management of the institution is planning to develop the infrastructural facilities so as to accommodate multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary programmes when the state universities accept and implement nep. the institution has organized expert lectures on ‘national education policy-2020’ for its awareness and execution and to make teaching and non-teaching staff ready for multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary programmes.

The institution has constituted a committee to keep the record of abc and provide guidance to the students about registration. the institute will develop the facilities required for adopting the academic bank credit facility for the students. the process of registration is initiated by the institution on the abc portal. the students are informed about the registration process for abc through the college website and notice. using this website students will create a bank of credit that will be transferable interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary in nature, students will also have multiple entry-exit options as per their requirements.

Skill development helps to build up a strong foundation for students. it helps to build self-esteem, confidence and leadership qualities. the institute has already been conducting certain programmes on skill development like tally, gst, marketing, modiscript, and english communication. the college has continuously offered opportunities for students to develop their skills in tandem with changing needs. the college has taken various skills academic and extracurricular amongst the students. the institution through its value-added courses inculcates constitutional, universal human values, citizenship and life skills. courses like democracy, election and good governance and environment studies are mandatory for the degree courses. student’s skills are augmented by frequent interactions with alumni and industry experts. the college arranged the training programme effective communication skill training for the students of b. a and b.com. monthly yoga and meditation sessions have been organized on a regular basis. we organise various career counselling training programmes by different organizations collaborating with iqac.

As per nep guidelines to promote holistic education and informal knowledge, the novel courses have the part of the curriculum since 2020. the curriculum on indian culture is part of history, sociology, political science, and english. the preservation and promotion of india’s cultural heritage needs to be given high priority for the country. even though our college is the first english medium college in the jurisdiction of shivaji university, we celebrate marathi rajbhasha din, vachan katta, to preserve and promote our regional language and literature. apart from the promotion of regional languages, our culture also needs to be preserved. in this context, local festivals and events are also celebrated in the college with great enthusiasm and favor. maharashtrian festivals that are annually celebrated in the college include ganesh chaturthi (ganpatiutsav), and navaratri. on these occasions, programmes like elocution, speeches, rangoli, and dandiya, are conducted. we observe various important days like chh. shivaji maharaj jayanti, independence day, republic day, teacher’s day, etc. we observed azadi ka amrut mohotsav’, and many students, as well as stakeholders, participated in the programme.

Outcome-based education is an educational theory that bases each part of an educational system around specific objectives. student participation is an essential part of outcome based education. students can do their learning and analyse their skills and development. this upholds the standard of education and ensures their thorough preparedness for life after. obc takes a holistic approach to describing the competence of a learner in terms of knowledge, skills, and values. being an affiliated college of shivaji university, kolhapur we are bound to follow the university-designed curriculum. the curriculum is developed based on the course outcomes identified according to and in line with nep-2020. the learning outcome curriculum framework syllabi prescribed by shivaji university, kolhapur, is formulated with the final outcome expected of students of a particular course at the end of the programme. the outcomes are described clearly and the teaching plans are outlined accordingly. this enhances the quality of education being imparted to them and frequent student-faculty meetings help align pedagogy to the desired outcomes. d. d. shinde sarkar college has transformed the existing curriculum on the obe platform as per the naac guidelines. the pos and cos are designed for all courses being taught in the institute. the institute has developed the teaching plan as per the obe requirements. the co and po accomplishments are calculated as per the requirements from an obe viewpoint.

As we do not run a distance education canter, it is not applicable for the institution, but the covid-19 pandemic and series of lockdowns have made the institution switch to online education and online examination. the institution has used more it facilities for online education and has undertaken training programs for teachers and students to develop a good curriculum for online education. the results of students under online education at the institution are quite satisfactory. the college endeavours to carry out this online alternate mode of education in the future as well, if needed.

d) AISHE code: c- 11090

e) Accreditation (naac) details of iqac (act6(7) :

Naac :

  • Accreditation Status: SSR prequalified for third cycle of Naac.
  • AQAR
  • SSR