Sr. No. Name Date of birth Unique ID Education qualification Teaching experience Area of specilization Courses taught Ph. D. completed/ Ongoing Research Guidance(No. of students) No. of papers published in National/ Internationam journals/ conferences) Books published with details -Name of the book, Publisher with ISBN, Year of Publicationetc Date of Joining Date of retirement Type of Association: Permanent/ Adjunct/ visiting
1Prin. Dr. B.D. Girigosavi231633964 2784 7652M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D., DIT33 yearsAdvanced Accountanct and Advanced TaxationCompleted317Permanent
2Prof. R. Y. Mane27963M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., NET21 YearsAgricultural EconomicsB.A.and B.ComCompleted28Nil3779549887Permanent
3Prof. K. G. Ambulgekar27258M.A.(Eng. And Soc.),M.Phil., Ph.D., NET19 yearsSociologyB.A .CompletedNil183858149187Permanent
4Dr. A. B. Patil24156M.Com., M.B.A., M.Phil, Ph.D.34 yearsCommerceB.Com. I-1. Insurance, B. Com. II- 2. Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship, B.Com. III-1. Industrial Management-I, IICompletedNilNilNil3377646081Permanent
5Dr. P. R. PawarM.A., Ph.D.CompletedPermanent
6Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Kanegaonkar261734729 2368 0886M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.30 yearsPublic Administration, International PoliticsB. A. Completed65Nil3414148091Permanent
8Dr. R. G. Korabu24228M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.,B.Ed.30 yearsPublic Finance, International Economics, Agriculture EconomicsB.A.II-Macro Economics . B.A.III -International Economics, Developme nt Economics B.Com.II- Macro Economics B.Com.III- Cooperative Development, Completed1225123450646142Permanent
9Dr. (Mrs.) Vaishali A. Sarang29561M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.11 yearsModern Indian History B.A.I: 1. Rise and growth of Maratha Swarajya (1600- 1680) 2. Legacy of Chha. Shivaji Maharaj (1630-1707) B.A.II: 3. History of India (1757-1857) 4. History of Freedom Struggle (1858-1947) B.A.III: 1. Medieval Indian History(1206-15-26) 2. History of Modern World( 18th- 19th century) 3. Rise and consolidation of Maratha Empire 4. Medieval Indian History (1526-1707) 5. History of Modern world(20th cenrtury) 6. Expantion and decline of Maratha powerCompleted4 students are enrolled for Ph.D.course Under my Guidance4159451501Permanent
10Shri A. B. KawadeM.A., M.Com.,M.Phil., AICWA, SETPermanent
11Shri S. P. Kulkarni24644M.Com., NET, M.Phil.32 yearsCommerce/AccB.Com. NilNilNilNil3414146568Permanent
12Shri B. N. PatilM.A., M.Phil., SETPermanent
13Shri V.R. PatilM.A., M.Phil., SET11 yearsOngoing41594Permanent
14Shri V.G. Kamble31426M.A., NET, SET11 yearsEnglishB.A. and B.Com.NilNilNilNIlPermanent
15Miss S. V. Mane29074M.A., SET, M.Phil.13 yearsShakespereB.A. OngoingNil10Shubhashakun, ISBN-918-81-949-360-440553Aug.2038Permanent
16Shri. Maruti KhotM.Sc.(Env. Sc.)CHB
17Dr. Prashant Patil 31207M.A.,M.Ed., SET, Ph.D.6 yearsModern Indian HistoryB.A.II: 1. History of Modern Maharashtra (1900-1960) 2. History of Modern Maharashtra (1960-2000) B.A.III :1. History of Ancient India (From beginning to 4th c. BC) 2. Medieval Indian History(1206-1526) 3. History: Theory and Recent trends 4. History of Ancient India (From 4th c BC to 7th c. BC 5. Medieval Indian History(1526-1707) 6. Techniques of History writing.CompletedCHB
18Shri Pandit Khadtare27947M.A., B. Ed., SET8 YearsAmerican English- LiteratureB.A.I - Optional English, B.A. III- Novel, B.Com.II- English For Business CommunicationOngoingNilNilNilCHB
19Shri Pratik Ghunkikar33591M.A., SET2 YearsPolitical ScienceB. A. NilNilNilNilCHB
20Shri L. V. MohiteHistoryB. A. NilNilNilNilCHB
20Mrs. Gouri Nikam Political ScienceB.A.NilNilNilNilCHB