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Founder and President of the College

Late Dr. Abasaheb Shinde

The founder, President & Principal was a prolific writer and wrote many articles in newspapers, magazines etc, He wrote a book ‘The Parallel government in Satara’ on a phase of the Quit India Movement.

His long years of experience in the educational field, both as lecturer and Principal inspired him to overcome the lacuna in small towns of Maharashtra by boldly founding a purely English medium College. D.D.Shinde Sarkar College in Kolhapur on 20th of August 1990.

The Saraswati Shinde Education Society was established on 20th September, 1988 by late founder, President & Principal Dr. Abasaheb Shinde who was born in a small village at Patkhal(Satara) in Maharashtra, and had his early education there. He graduated from Bombay University, and got his Doctorate from Shivaji University, Kolhapur. The college started when the education department of Govrnment of Maharashtra graciosly granted permission to the society to begin an English medium Arts and Commerce College( D.D.Shinde Sarkar College) at Kolhapur in the academic year 1990-91.

The primary objectives of the society are to impart quality education to students, to prepare them for examination and for careers of their choice and for playing a meaningful role in the recontruction of our nation. The Society is consecreted to offer instruction in English medium because of academic and practical consideration..

Being a purely English medium college, it is completely committed to developing the communicative skills of students in English language – more so, as our students are largely from the vernacular medium.

We have no cut off percentage of marks for admission of students. No capitation fee is charged and we have our doors open to all who seek admission here.