First and Second Year Junior College (XI & XII) subject offered

* Compulsory : - English

* Any one of the following languages : -

                  I) Hindi , II) German

* All subject are compulsory.

                 I) Bookeeping and Accountancy ,

                 II) Organisation Of Commerece,

                 III) Economics ,

                 IV) Secretarial Practice ,

                 V) Environmental Science


B. Com. Part-I B. Com. Part-II B. Com. Part-III
All Subjects Compulsory All Subjects Compulsory All Subjects Compulsory
1) Business Communication (English -I) 1) Business Communication (English -II) 1) Modern Management Practices
2) Principles of Marketing 2) Business Sattistics 2) Co-operative Development
3) Insurance 3) Business Economics -II 3) Business Regulatory Framework
4) Business Economics Paper-I 4) Fundamentals of Enterpreneurship 4) Business Environment Special
5) Principles of Business Management 5) Corporate Accounting Advanced Accountancy Paper I & II OR Idustrial Managment Paper I & II
6) Financial Accouting 6) Money and Financial System
7) Environmental Science