The society
Saraswati shinde Education society was established on 20th September 1988, by Late Principal Dr. Abasaheb shinde. The primary objectives of the society are: To impart quality education to students, to prepare them for examination and for careers of their choice and to play a meaningful role in the reconstruction of our nation. The society is consecrated to offer instruction in English because of academic and practical consideration.

The college
D.D. Shinde Sarkar College is named after the late Mr.D.D Shinde Sarkar for his munificence. He desired to spend a sumptuous amount on erecting a suitable building for pre-primary school, high school and college.
The government of Maharashtra in the Education Department had graciously granted permission to the society to start an English medium Arts and Commerce College, viz. D. D. Shinde Sarkar College, at Kolhapur from the academic year 1990-91, under their letter No NGC 3590/2858/UNI Edn-2, dated 29/09/1990.Shivaji University, Kolhapur Permitted the Society to open the college under its letter No. Affi/T-2/New College/7657, dated 5/10/90.In anticipation of the Government’s permission and the University’s too, the college was informally started on August 20,1990. The college has two faculties: Arts and Commerce, and two wings: Junior and Senior. The courses offered are XI and XII Arts and Commerce, B.A. and B.Com. Part I, II and III. It may be placed on record that it became possible to start the College in the premises of Vidyapeeth High School owing to the magnanimity of the Management of the Vidyapeeth Society, Kolhapur in general and Late shri. D. D. Shinde Sarkar in particular.

Socratic Club
Socratic Club is an outstanding feature of our college. The Club is named after Socrates and its meetings are held on every Saturday throughout the academic year. The primary objective of this club is to bring about all round development of students. In this Club, students and teachers discuss everything under the sun and above the earth, within the bounds of decency. A suggestion box is taken from class to class for getting topics for discussions on various subjects and the names of the student participants are also collected. Besides this, debates are held intermittently: they have caught the imagination of students and become popular. The topics generally deal with permanent values and current happenings around. This exercise results in keeping the students well abreast of happenings, national and international and also in deepening their understanding of permanent values. We take care to see that the same students are not permitted to participate often. It also turns out good speakers and debaters and good listeners and conversationalists. This way quite a number of students participate. Most discussions are held in English. It is no exaggeration to say that the Club serves as a safety value thereby avoiding potential agitations by students on the campus. It has got to be placed on record that our students develop a spirit of inquiry and accept or reject everything on the basis of merits. The scientific attitude that is developed impels them to shed the sense of superstition. Thus, the Club makes the students of our college modern in their) outlook, thought and action.

Saraswati Club
The idea of Saraswati Club was evolved to bring the teachers together to have meaningful discussions on their respective subjects on every Wednesday, thereby sharpening their faculties. The concept has helped transform the teachers to be sensitive and receptive to the ideas of their fellow colleagues. It also results in widening their intellectual and creative horizons. At times, it helps some teachers in getting clues for their research projects. The Club is a way of improving the mental potential of each teacher leading to a heightened consciousness and perceptiveness of what is happening in areas other than theirs. It also develops a reading culture and exchange of reading material among the teachers.

The Alma Mater Day
For the past students, rather a new and novel idea came to be crystallized in the form of the Alma Mater Day. By Alma Mater Day, I mean, all past students, wherever they might be in their life, would come to the college every year on the second Saturday of December and spend the whole day with us.

Late Dr. Abasaheb's Dream
His first and foremost dream was to buy a vacant land for the college and to construct a building on it. In addition to this, pre-primary, primary and secondary schools, the post-graduate courses, information technology courses and biotechnology courses to be started. In course of time an attempt would be made to elevate this college and subsequently turn it into an Autonomous University. He strongly believed that it was not inconceivable and unattainable if we faithfully continued to do what we have been doing here. The trouble with Indian Educational Institutions has been that they grow famous under the inspiring leadership of one and after his departure from the scene, the well entrenched and well-cherished traditions and innovations, and ideals and goals are discarded thoughtlessly. So the Indian Educational Institutions rise academically with the innovative type of an individual and fall in his absence. This will definitely not take place here, I promise. With the united efforts of all who have become a part of this educational institution the realization of Late Dr. Abasaheb's dream is not impossible.