Socratic Club

Socratic Club is an outstanding feature of our college. Its meetings are held every Saturday throughout the academic year. The primary objective of this Club is to bring about all round development of students. In this Club students and teachers discuss everything under the sun , within the bounds of decency. The topics generally deal with permanent values and current happenings around the world. This exercise results in keeping the students well abreast of happenings, national and international, and also deepening their understanding of permanent values. Quite a number of students participate in the Club. All discussions are held in English. Thus the Club makes the students of our college confident, modern in their out look, thought and action and proficient in public speaking.


The College comes out with the annual publication of its magazine entitled “Saraswati”. Besides being a detailed record of all the college activities, it serves as a platform for the students to present their essays, poems, painting, creative art, stories, research papers etc. In short, it serves as a mirror of the college activities throughout the year. Some of the good articles receive prizes every year from the University. The student editors enthusiastically help in bringing bring out the Magazine annually.


“Vibrations” the college Wallpaper, symbolizes not only the creative development of students but also echoes their sensibility and awareness of current issues: topics like Environment, Save Girl Child, Unity, Tolerance and Solidarity Against Terrorism, Natural Calamities are but a few of the subjects projected by our young editors.

Prize Distribution and Felicitation

Prize Distribution and Felicitation of merit holders is held every year. Prizes are distributed to the merit holders by well known and reputed personalities. Prizes are given to the students who bring laurels to the college in various fields like academics, N.C.C., N.S.S., Sports and other curricular and co-curricular activities. Members of the staff from teaching and non-teaching also felicitated for thier academic achievements.


The College organises Seminars for the benefit of students and teachers (including those of other colleges) under the Lead College Scheme of Shivaji University. Moreover, the College also sends the studentrs and teachers to the similar Seminars held by other colleges.


Debating competitions are held in the College to widen and sharpen the intellectual horizons of the students. Moreover, students are prepared and sent for similar contests held in outside colleges.


In order to foster the skill, confidence and courage in Public speaking among the students, the College organises the elocution competitions on various subjects. Students are also prepared and sent for the similar competitions organised by other colleges.

Planning Forum

Under the agies of Planning Forum guest lectures of professionals are arranged for the benefit of students on various subjects from the syllabus which require practical guidance.

Commerce Association

Under the agies of Commerce Association such programmes are arranged as inter-collegiate essay competition, Quiz Contest etc. to develop reading habits among the students. This helps the students to incrase their knowledge beyond syllabus.

Guest Lectures

Guest lectures are held for the students on subjects ranging from beauty culture to environmental awareness.

Placement Cell

The college set up the Placement Cell in 2007, which has since flourished under the able guidance of Dr. A. B. Patil and Dr. P. R. Pawar. Under the aegis of the placement cell, Infosys (Mysore Campus) held a campus interview for graduate and undergraduate students. In the recruitment process, students from our college were selected and have thereafter received joining letters from the company.

Dr. Abashaeb Shinde Competitive Examination Guidance Centre.

In the academic year 2014-2015, a new centre for competitive examination guidance was established. The prime objectives of this centre are as follows:

To motivate students to opt for career services.

To create competitive environment among the students.

To provide information and guidance about various competitive examinations.

To prepare and guide students for various competitive examinations.

Committee Members

Prof. Dr. R. Y. Mane

Prof. Dr. P. R. Pawar

Under the aegis of this centre, the following lectures were organized in this academic year:

Guest Speakers
Shri Mangesh Karambekar Shri V. L. Padmaja Shri. Praveen Raibagkar Shri Amrut Kulkarni
(Director : Gurukilli Academy, Kolhapur) (Director, Sohan Learning Centre, Kolhapur) (Sohan Learning Centre, Kolhapur) (Spectrum Academy, Kolhapur)
2nd July - Guidance For MP SC Exam 27th August - Banking Exam: A Career Option 27th August – MPSC/UPSC: How to Cross the bar? 30th Desember – Banking/ Defence Exam
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