Support Facilities

The procedures and policies which govern the maintenance and utilisation of physical, academic and support facilities are as under 1)Library Facilities are utilized and maintained as per following policies- a)Stock verification is done once in a year b)Pest control is done once in a year c)computerization of library facilities d] mobile library e] MOUs with other libraries f] Book exhibition g] Vachan katta activity 2. Sports Complex a. Hiring of playground and sports facilities (Indoor and Outdoor) b. Supply of Sports Kits to students c. Purchase of sports equipments Rs. 62000/- (Cricket Kit, Football Kit and Basket Ball kit) d. Maintenance of sports equipment register 3. Computers – Computers are used for a. Student Admissions process b. Processing and storage of Student’s data c. Eligibility with University d. Examination forms e. Students hall tickets f. Maintenance of books of accounts g. Online application of Scholarships h. H R activities – Pay, Promotion and record keeping i. Submission of reports j. Conduct of examination - Supervisor Report, Seating Arrangement, Marks feeding, Absentee report. k. Correspondence with all stakeholders 4. College Premises – Classrooms, Toilets etc. a. Regular cleaing b. Maintenance and replacement of benches and blackboards c. Cleaning toilets d. C C TV servicing