It may sound a boast, we do not admit scholars but we produce Scholars but it is true. We have no cut off for admission of students. No capitation fee is charged and we have our doors open to all who seek admission here. Even a 35% student is taught equally well. Our college results are in the neighborhood of 100%. Our college attracts a sizeable number of foreign students from African countries such as Sudan, Kenya and Ethopia.

Name Game Medal Year
Alaknanda Jadhav Lawn Tennis Gold 2007
Sandeep Deshpande Boat Pulling Silver 2008
Pooja Patil Sailing & Firing Silver 2001
Pallavi Shah Chess Women’s Master Norm 1998
Shiv Chatrapati award 1996
Fie foundation award 1996
Name Year Award/Honoured
Late Major Satyajeet Shinde 2008 Badge
Umesh Kadam 2005-06 Best Theses
Satish Jadhav 2006-07 U.P.S.C
Veena More 2007-08 M.P.S.C
Meghasham Shirodkar 1998 Debate
Pratibha Ban 1998 Debate

Youth festival Achievement

1) Our College team comparing just 8 students won the coveted General championship Trophy awarded for excellence in the central Youth Festival of Shivaji University held at Rahimatpur, Satara.

2) Our student Miss Monali Patil have been selected for “The Ranragini Tarabai Prize” for the year 2007-2008.

University Merit Scholarship

1) Shivaji University has constituted Scholarship for meritorious students. Our following students got the University Scholarship.

Name Class Year
Aboli Bhatavdekar B.A.II 2007
B.A.III 2008
Nilam Vankudre B.A.I 2007
Arti Bhosale B.A.I 2007
Madhuri Tibile XII Arts 2008
Bhagyashree Mahadik XII Arts 2008
Our following students have participated in R.D. parade. Our following students have participated in Nau-sainik camp.
Name Year Name Year
Harshvardhan Jadhav 1996-97 Sameer Indulkar 1996-97
Ravi Karpe Patil 1998-99 Pooja Patil 2002-2003
Sharad Joshi 2002-2003 Richa Ingavale 2005-2006
Amol Chougule 2005-2006
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